It felt like you were here…

In the calm and silence of the night, i felt a whiff of you, the leaves stirred just a bit as if someone had passed by. I smelt your scent strong and clear, i heard what seemed like your steps my dear.

Was that your face i saw peeping at the window, was it your shadow below my door. Then the hasty steps heading away, as if caught in awkward fray. My eyes opened and i thought you were beside, alas it wasn’t so.

Was it a dream, maybe thoughts of you will never leave. I thought i closed my mind to your shadow, I thought it was over. That hasn’t happened yet, I think of you with every breath, maybe till my death.

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2 Responses to It felt like you were here…

  1. irisoniris says:

    Potent and charged with expression, with a lot of evocative imagery to boot. I feel the heaviness, and it shows you, your character. Hold on. Stay true to that passion because it defines you.

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