Taliban = Intolerance = You and me.

Malala is a young girl, only fourteen years old and she had been blogging and raising her voice against the Taliban. Taliban struck back and brazenly boarded her school bus and shot her. Malala is alive, but just barely.

Who is the Taliban? Is it just a group of backward people in the Middle East armed to the hilt and violent like the cavemen that once roamed the earth? Misled by false leaders misquoting religious text to suit their purposes?

Think again. The Taliban is everywhere. They are in the Far East, they are in Europe, they are in North America. Taliban is another word for Intolerance. When anyone tramples the free will of another because of their own beliefs, they are no different than the Taliban.

Differences are meant to be appreciated not shunned. If great minds like Albert Einstein, Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa etc. had not thought differently they wouldn’t have achieved exceptional things and changed our lives for the better. Try as any one group of people may, they cannot create the rest of the world in their image, or cause everyone else believe what they believe.

Just like the Taliban, who think that their beliefs are the end all and be all, when you foist your beliefs on another individual, you commit a crime. There is no difference then between you and the Taliban.

Also, people in power take advantage of this. They go ahead and legislate left, right and center. Taking away not only the personal freedom of those you oppose but your freedom as well. Would it not be wiser to retain our freedom to make choices than to hand it over to a faceless government?

At the end of the day, if an individual does make a flawed decision in their personal life, they will have their conscience and their god to answer to. As a member of society, as a friend and well wisher of that person, you can always present your point of view, but try not to be the Taliban and force that person to take an action that you think is right.

If we are able to do this, we will have a world that works on co-operation as opposed to a world which functions on the age old divide and rule policy. Our land will prosper because of the efforts of many spending energy to move in the same direction instead of wasting effort to combat one another’s ideologies.

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