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The warmest thermal socks?

The weather this fall has been very different from last year. The leaves have fallen off the trees much earlier, the days have been colder and hurricanes and storm systems have made matters worse. Staying warm is always a challenge … Continue reading

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Apple disappoints with iPad Mini

I own many apple products. The Imac, iPods, iPhones, iPads, apple tv’s and a Macbook. (Yes, i do own multiple items where i have pluralized). Wow, naming these products i can see that i am heavily invested in Apple products. … Continue reading

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Corporate greed, Politicians, Religion – Hand in hand.

We all know that the super rich in America are few. Recently they have been dubbed as the one percent group. What I don’t understand is why members of this exalted group are our recent past Republican Presidents and nominees? … Continue reading

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Say a little prayer for him

I remember him from when I was in the third grade. We were only classmates back then, but that changed in seventh grade when we became the best of friends. I was allowed to go home for lunch as my … Continue reading

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