Corporate greed, Politicians, Religion – Hand in hand.

We all know that the super rich in America are few. Recently they have been dubbed as the one percent group. What I don’t understand is why members of this exalted group are our recent past Republican Presidents and nominees?

Almost fifty percent of America votes Republican, all these people can’t be the super rich. They are ordinary people, workers, middle income families etc., so what is really strange is why would they vote to put part of the one percent in power?

I think the answer to this question can be found in the age old tactic where the powerful, the rich have sought to control the mind of the populace by wielding religion as a tool to herd the ordinary man into subjugation.

Centuries of lies, fed to people so that their very core is filled with false belief. That they are unable to then think for themselves. They become a blank piece of paper on which these one percent can write their story.

Today, corporate America, the Rich and the Religious leaders are deftly doing what monarchy used to do in the past. There is no difference really. Lets examine how corporate America exploits ordinary people with the help of politicians. This by the way includes Democrats as well. Obama championed the biggest bailout ever.

ABC Company Inc. is listed on the stock market. Very much a part of corporate America. The top management draws handsome pay packets and gets big bonuses each year. Funnily enough, the company itself doesn’t turn a profit, but employs a hundred thousand people.

After years of taking these unjustified sums of money out of the business, the company comes to a situation where it can’t raise any more money to run day to day operations. So now it goes to the government and asks for a bailout. The government decides that it should bail this hapless company for the sake of its employees.

Such a noble thought. Or so it seems. So the government takes the tax dollars that the employees have contributed and gives it back to the corrupt management of this company to mooch off again.

Why can’t people see what is happening? Why can’t these people who vote for a George Bush Sr. or Jr. See this. Why can’t all those who voted for Romney see this? Republicans call for less regulation on business to ensure that this pillaging can continue.

There can be a simple enough rule that doesn’t allow companies to pay staggering sums of money to management unless the company generates enough profits. Won’t this safeguard the future of not only corporate America, but also secure the future of most Americans? And why do the one percent forget that if the other ninety nine percent are unable to afford a decent living, they will also be unable to afford buying the products peddled by the companies which are run by the rich?

Issues such as gay marriage, abortion etc. are a smokescreen which stops the ordinary man from realizing what’s going on. The greedy few are only looking out for themselves. Whether it is the CEO or the head of state or the religious leader…they are all in it for the money and power. Just for their personal benefit and gain.

Wake up people, wake up and claim the power. It belongs to us, it belongs to the many. We have the numbers to ensure that we can have more than a say in our future. Don’t get sidetracked by fluff issues, pull together and begin a revolution that will disallow these people from taking advantage of us.

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One Response to Corporate greed, Politicians, Religion – Hand in hand.

  1. Like a Tony Robbins seminar the GOP promises to make you rich. But only if you vote against your own best interests.

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