Apple disappoints with iPad Mini

The guy holding this device has a huge hand! Does the iPad Mini ship with the hand?

I own many apple products. The Imac, iPods, iPhones, iPads, apple tv’s and a Macbook. (Yes, i do own multiple items where i have pluralized). Wow, naming these products i can see that i am heavily invested in Apple products. Those who aren’t so invested in apple products have coined a term for people like me. They call us fanboys. I find this term offensive. I don’t think i am one, i just choose to think of myself as a discerning customer.

In the past i have always defended Apple from being put down by my android loving friends. I am sad to report that after the debut of the iPhone 5, i am unable to whip my tongue into action to defend Apple.

Iphone 5 offered very little in way of upgraded features compared to my iPhone 4S. For the first time I chose not to upgrade to the latest iWhatever. Am I disappointed? You bet. I like going out and buying the next shiny Apple toy like any other sane person out there and suddenly Apple puts out an upgraded product that i cannot justify buying.

Since i couldn’t justify buying the iPhone, I thought I would treat myself to the new iPad Mini. The smaller form factor was an attractive alternative to the larger iPad. So I placed my order online on day 1 of launch and patiently waited for UPS to show up at my door with my new toy. It arrived nine days before the projected delivery date and I proceeded to rip open the package.

The iPad Mini is a beautiful piece of hardware, no doubt. But I couldn’t figure out a good place to hold it in portrait mode. I should make my way to Apple’s website, as they are known to prescribe ways to hold devices they build! The Mini also wasn’t as fast as the current iPad 3 which i own.

The reason why i went back to Apple’s website and elected to return the iPad mini is because of its poor display when compared to the retina display on my iPad 3. The pixels are painstakingly visible on the iPad Mini.

Apple! Mr. Tim Cook…if you are listening, hear this. I am a core (no pun intended) Apple customer. With multiple Apple devices, hooked into your iTunes store for movie and apps purchase. If you are beginning to lose my attention, what hope do you have from the future?

Apple products always came with bragging rights firmly placed in the packaging. They used to be superior to other products out there. But we are now seeing compromises and not enough in terms of features and innovation. I can’t defend you anymore. It isn’t too late. You still have my attention. Use it wisely.

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