The warmest thermal socks?

The Warmest Thermal Socks?

The weather this fall has been very different from last year. The leaves have fallen off the trees much earlier, the days have been colder and hurricanes and storm systems have made matters worse.

Staying warm is always a challenge during our tough winter days. Specially so if you are on a budget. Lambs wool, Cashmere and the really warm materials are reserved for those who can afford to pay a higher ticket price.

So what do the rest of us do?

Just recently, when I was surfing the web, I googled “warm socks.” I noticed an advertisement proclaiming “The warmest thermal socks.” The ad suggested that I “See their new video and buy.”

I clicked on the link and was directed to their homepage. There was a link to a video which I played. The ad proclaimed that Heat Holders (I like that name) are the warmest socks available in the USA today. A guy turned a pair of socks inside out to expose the cotton candy like inside lining of the sock.

He went on to explain that they use a three stage process to ensure that these socks are the warmest socks. An advanced insulating yarn, a patent pending long loop technology and a brushing process, all of these help to hold warm air closer to the skin for longer, thus keeping feet warm.

Interesting and straightforward. No batteries, wires etc. just a sock, constructed to hold in the warm air to keep my feet warm. I decided to check the pricing. I must say, they have a few different styles available. I really liked the slipper socks I saw. I was already hoping that these socks would do what they described.

I ordered three pairs. One original style, one pair of slipper socks and a pair of extra long ones. The website offered a PayPal option and also accepted MasterCard  and visa etc. I always prefer to use PayPal, I also tend to trust websites who offer a PayPal option, this shows they are not interested in farming my personal information.

The order process was fairly simple. I got an email confirming my order was received and the very next day I received an email saying my order was shipped! Very efficient thus far. I was provided with a tracking number for USPS. So far so good.

The package arrived on day four, day one being the day I placed my order. I was happy to receive my order so quickly! I opened the package and took my socks out. I put my hand inside one of the socks without opening the package and I felt the cotton candy like insides. The inside was so soft!

I ripped open the packaging and put the slipper sock on my feet. I immediately appreciated the soft comfort and extra cushioning I felt on my feet. It just felt so cozy. Almost immediately I felt warmth as well. The socks did exactly what the video said. It seemed to trap the heat my feet were generating, keeping my feet warm!

That evening I was actually able to turn the thermostat down a couple of degrees and still remain comfortable while watching Tv. Also, they don’t make my feet sweat! Apparently the acrylic yarn is good at wicking away the moisture.

I couldn’t wait to try the socks in my shoes, specially since I was concerned that such thick socks may not fit in my shoes. I took out my boots from my closet and tried the extra long socks.

My boots are not a very snug fit, the extra long Heat Holders fit well inside them. I stepped outdoors. It was about forty degrees, a thin fog enveloped my development. I whistled out to Henry. He sauntered over, knowing that we were going for a walk. We went out for a good half hour. I am sure he was surprised, as usually I hate being out after he has finished his business, but this time, I was happy to walk around the neighborhood as my feet which are usually cold in my warmest woolen socks, were now warm and comfy in my pair of Heat Holders socks!

The next morning I decided to try the Original socks with my sneakers. This was a bit of a tight fit. Surprisingly, the inside of the socks is soft enough to compress when I wore the tighter sneaker. I can’t say it was perfect, but hey, I was warm. I guess you can’t have it all. The reason why these socks retain warmth is because of their thickness, so asking for a thinner sock defeats the purpose. Heat Holders are better than heated socks.

In the last two weeks since I have owned these socks, I have worn them inside the house every day. I have even worn them to bed and I have worn them outside. Heat Holders are the common man’s solution to fighting the cold weather. At just over $15 at retail, these are an affordable winter protection for most people.

Here is their website address:

Do watch their video before you buy. I found it really helpful in making my decision to buy!

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