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Accidents and lessons….

I always loved driving, ever since I was a little child. My first memory of being behind the wheel was when I was about seven years old! It was the early eighties and cars weren’t what they are today. This … Continue reading

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Your eyes a deep sea, storm brews within. Your lips quiver, heart so fast. Fingers touch, draw me close, our bodies one, as lips embrace. Entwined in rhythm, lost in time. Exploring, discovering, knowing. A promise to belong, an oath … Continue reading

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With you.

Scent of first rain, sights of fauna in bloom, grey makes way for blue. Light summer breeze, a sip of cool, bright green grass. Changing colors, leaves abound, goodbye blue. Flakes fall, a blanket white, fauna no more. Life a … Continue reading

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The Man of Steel

The Man of Steel I grew up reading comic books and my hero was Superman. The Red, Blue and Yellow meant many things to me. Most of all an unwavering moral compass, a desire and need to help those not … Continue reading

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