The Man of Steel

The Man of Steel

I grew up reading comic books and my hero was Superman. The Red, Blue and Yellow meant many things to me. Most of all an unwavering moral compass, a desire and need to help those not as powerful as him, the willingness and ability to fight wrong.

I have seen various iterations of Superman over the years, be it Lois & Clark, Smallville, the Christopher Reeves movies and even the recent one with Kevin Spacey as Lex Luthor.

So, obviously i’m excited at the prospect of The Man of Steel.

The introduction to Krypton and Jor El really raised my hopes for this movie. The scenes of Krypton were amazing. Jor El was, well Jor El. The creative elements of this new team tasked with bringing Superman back to the silver screen were evident from the get go.

From this point on though, my review of this movie should diverge. Because i am actually reviewing this movie from two perspectives. One is from the point of a Superman fan and one from the perspective of an avid movie goer.

From the perspective of the child who grew up reading Superman comic books, i came out of the theater disappointed. It seems like the creative team that made this movie thought to turn everything i know about my favorite superhero upside down.

Superman symbolized hope, and the dark and dreary look of this movie did not instill any in me. The daily planet globe, a permanent symbol in Metropolis did not find any place. Lois Lane and Superman started out as adversaries, whereas here, Lois finds out about Superman’s origins and confronts him before he ever joins the Daily Planet.

Superman always believed in saving lives, the amount of carnage and death and collateral damage shown in this movie is beyond belief. The Superman i know and love would have never allowed this. Last of all, Superman never takes lives. So in the end when he does kill General Zod, I know this isn’t my Superman.

From this perspective, this movie doesn’t do it for me.

From the perspective of a moviegoer who doesn’t necessarily know a lot about Superman and is looking to go out and enjoy a science fiction flick, this movie has a lot to offer. The story of an alien baby, traversing the vastness of space, growing up on Earth, searching for his roots, finding that he is the last of his kind and then facing an evil from his home world and choosing to save his adopted world from this evil is all fascinating.

I hope the movie does well, as I would like to see Superman on screen again in an avatar that is a little more palatable to me.

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