Recipe for a great blog.

Diversity is what makes reading blogs such a great experience. Each individual is capable of writing from a different viewpoint on the same subject.

The first thing to catch my attention is a great post title. The title is the face of a blog and helps draw me in to read the post.

The first few sentences are crucial, because either they convince me to read further or cause me to move on. If I find spelling mistakes, badly constructed sentences or a weak first few lines, I usually click away.

My personal preference for blog look and feel is a nice clean style. Easy on the eyes. If there is too much going on, it distracts from the content and I tend to drift away.

Pictures help dress up a blog post as long as they are relevant. If the topic doesn’t demand pictures, don’t put them up. If it does, put them in and they should help entertain the reader.

Sincerity of the subject matter is also very important. A blog is the personal view and opinion of an individual, and if it is sincere, it shows and makes an interesting read, if not, it is a put off.

I can’t stress this last point enough as I ensure I do this for each of my posts. Review your post before you publish. A good once over to weed out any mistakes and you have done your fellow blog reader a service!

Happy blogging!

Inspired by daily prompt: what makes a post good or great?

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9 Responses to Recipe for a great blog.

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  5. Moallima. says:

    To the point. And I agree, a good title is the first impression on the reader and a difficult task for the author.

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