Silly Facebook posts!

Like the billion others on this planet, I too have a Facebook account and I admit that I do check it once in a while. I used to be an avid poster when Facebook had just started becoming popular, but then I saw that people I didn’t really consider “friends” in my life started asking to be friends on Facebook and it went downhill from there.

What compounded the problem was that Facebook never really allowed it’s denizens good, easy to understand privacy controls and a non-savvy computer user can be sure that they will find what they have shared accessible to strangers anywhere in the world.

So I have become a Facebook watcher. I log in once in a while, I browse around and see what others are up to, if a close friend has posted a good picture, or if someone has a birthday I might just interact using Facebook. So when I am going through the many posts my so called “friends” are splattering across their walls I find some posts very strange.

The posts addressed to GOD! Yes, people will actually address posts to god! One post I read today and which likely prompted this blog post went something like this:

“Dear LORD, I choose to let the struggles…” and it went on. Telling god that he chooses to let the struggles and setbacks in life make him better and not bitter. To this I wrote, “Since the LORD isn’t reading this post, and unless you meant to write to Mark Zuckerberg, I say THY WILL BE DONE”

My Friend promptly deleted my comments!

My question is, the person writing this post knows that the Lord, wherever he is isn’t reading his Facebook posts. At least I hope he isn’t as running the world is such a task! This post is intended for his Facebook friends to read and comment upon, so why can’t it be written as such?

Then there are posts addressed to ones children, even if they are four years old and don’t know how to read! These posts go something like this “Happy birthday Harry! I love you so much…” and it goes on. But Harry isn’t reading this post, your connections on Facebook are, so why can’t you just write this post addressed to your friends, telling them it’s your child’s birthday and you’d love to share this bit of news with them?

And I absolutely don’t want to get started with spouses wishing each other Happy Birthdays etc. on Facebook. That just churns my stomach. Come on, can you not wish your spouse off Facebook? A handmade card, maybe breakfast in bed or a massage and pleasureful sex? Do you really have to go on Facebook and profess your love to your spouse?

I don’t think Facebook is evil per se. It is a formidable social tool, but those who wield it, should do so wisely as others are watching, and while they may not unfriend you for being a wierdo, they may definitely keep their distance from you in the real world, and I believe we need our friends around us in real life, virtual life be damned!

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