Syria – Here we go again….

The leaders of the world are up in arms as they allege that chemical weapons have been used by the Syrian regime against its citizens. They claim hundreds have been affected. The Syrian regime however claims that their opponents are the ones using chemical weapons.

The internet is rife with contradictions and there is no real consensus on who is fighting who in Syria. Amidst all of this, how wise is it for select governments to begin a military attack against Syria?

In the name of protecting the citizens of this country, we are all ready to bomb them, causing deaths of innocent civilians. And please, don’t say that civilians won’t die, that the attacks are going to be precise as USA has strong intel because that is a joke. America went to war in Iraq, causing irreparable damage to Iraqi life on a false pretext based on faulty intelligence.

There must be other ways to deal with this:

Fix the UN

The veto powers resting with members of the mighty security council are the biggest impediment to a true democratic worldwide body. Do away with veto powers and then seek solutions from the UN so that truly democratic decisions are returned in time of crisis as opposed to the free for all that takes place right now.

Open your borders to Syrian refugees and take them in

If you are so concerned about the well being of the Syrian people and this isn’t just a ploy to attack another oil rich nation, then invite Syrian refugees into your countries, provide them with escape from this regime. Not too many will go for this solution isn’t it. Very inconvenient, easier to just bomb them!

Think of solutions other than war

There are a few billion people in this world. Can no one come up with a solution that is non violent? Does it always have to be guns and soldiers and the shadow of death? Lets all wake up people, we only have one life, to lose it so cheaply is a shame.

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One Response to Syria – Here we go again….

  1. peteybee says:

    Just say NO to war. Say NO to humanitarian bombing. say NO to intervention etc etc.

    It is Iraq 2.0 plain and simple. Obama will not get his credibility back,
    regardless of whether he attacks. He has done enough already trying to
    sell us this pack of lies.

    Sorry Mr. President, we’re through with you.

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