Fast Forward

Life today feels like it is on fast forward. In about four days half of January will be over. In my line of work, we liaise with retailers to plan their product assortments, so we are currently planning winter 2014 shipments while we are still not halfway through with winter 2013!

I turned forty last year! That too feels like fast forward to me! I still remember when I was back in grade school, the carefree days. Seems like it was yesterday and now when I look at myself in the mirror I say to myself “Forty? Really?” I don’t feel it in my mind, I do in my body!

I don’t think I am alone in feeling that life is passing by faster than it ever has. In speaking to friends, colleagues and family, all seem to be experiencing the same swift passage of sand through the hourglass.

I did feel a little bit of a slowdown last year between July and August. I had taken some time off to go away to England and then to India. It was a holiday and I had absolutely nothing to do, except spend time with family and friends. Those few weeks it seemed that life was slow motion.

That says something. In today’s connected world, we are doing something every waking moment. That is what makes time zoom by. If only I could get myself to stop, to do the things I love doing, things which make it feel like the world has slowed down.

Sorry I haven’t been able to fast forward to a day in the future, I have just about managed to convey my sense of FAST FORWARD!

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