Texting or using your phone at the movies? Die you fiend…

movie-theater-popcornAnother gun related tragedy in America. This has become the norm rather than an exception these days. As moviegoers in a Florida movie theatre watched the previews, a man sitting behind a rude texter argued with his nemesis. He then left the movie theatre to complain to the theatre staff.

So far, so good. I too would go to this extent if someone bothered me at the movies by being silly with their phone. When the irritated guy returned, the altercation resumed. It ended when he pulled out his gun and shot the rude phone man and hurt his companion as well.

One guy is dead, the other will be behind bars for a long time (hopefully). What is wrong with people these days? People on both sides of this story. The texter, if he had such a busy life should have decided not to go to the movies, or maybe could have got up and headed outside to attend to his phone?

But under no circumstances does rude behaviour give anyone the right to shoot that person. How angry are you? How incensed and mentally tortured a person are you to kill someone over using a phone in a movie theatre.

Had the texter not been killed, I would have no sympathy for him. If he had just been roughed up, got his nose broken with a well timed punch, I would probably root for the attacker, but shooting a guy? Taking a life over a movie ticket. This is what happens if the general populace has easy access to guns. Unfortunate.

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One Response to Texting or using your phone at the movies? Die you fiend…

  1. kutukamus says:

    It seems that we are such trigger-happy people these days. Be it with bullets or words (or whatever), inside or outside walls..

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