Light – Another name for my Favourite Person.

Mother SilhouetteShe was the first person that held me, looked into my face and smiled. She fed me, clothed me and taught me my first words. I grew up listening to her directions, her voice shaping my thoughts and actions. If I wanted something, she was the one to ask, if I had a problem she would solve it for me. When she wasn’t around it seemed like I was lost at sea, when she was, the biggest burdens felt light. I grew up to be her friend. I grew up to respect her for who she was, for her choices and I grew up to be proud of her. She isn’t here anymore. She died at a young age. She was only forty nine when cancer took her away from me. But in her death were the biggest lessons of all. People who she had only met once or twice, shop owners she usually bought wares from, doctors, nurses, pathologists who treated her came to say goodbye. That is how she touched people. All we take away when we die are the good wishes of those around us. No worldly article can go with us to the other side. Another lesson from her death was how to die with dignity. She knew the cancer had gone to her liver. Doctor’s suggested aggressive treatment, yet gave a poor prognosis. She decided to forego any further treatment. She wanted to spend what little time she had with her family. She sorted out her affairs. Divided up her belongings between us siblings, wrote letters to all those she was close with, something they could open after she was gone. And then she closed her eyes. I saw the last breath leave her body. Yet, she is with me. Always and forever. My mother. In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Do or Die.”

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