Life for Dummies

“My life is going as per plan.” Said Victor as we drove from NYC to Toronto. “I believe that I have full control of my life.”

I was aghast at hearing this. My friend actually believed that he was in control. To me this was the most ridiculous concept.

When I was in twelfth grade, my father had a heart attack, and went through bypass surgery. I had to take over our family business at the time. While my friends finished high school, went to university, I was working full time. This wasn’t my plan!

A couple of years later my mother was diagnosed of breast cancer. Again this wasn’t all planned out. The doctor suggested conservative surgery and five years after she had a relapse, again not as per plan.

She passed away at a young forty nine years of age, twelve days before my daughter was born, again if I were in control, I wouldn’t have let this happen.

And the list goes on and on.

I explained all this to him. I said life is so unpredictable that to think this way can be extremely damaging to him. Because when life lashes out at him, and he feels he is in control, it might break him.

Towards the end of the drive, he refused to acknowledge this so I just gave up. I got a phone call from him the next day. “You’re right,” he said grudgingly, “You’ve just completely changed my world view.”

His wife went on divorce him soon and came after him in such a vicious way he just couldn’t imagine. They had been married for under two years. She had him reported to the police, and took him through legal proceedings for three years and finally took him for a quarter of a million dollars.

Suffice to say it wasn’t as per his plan!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “(Your Thing) for Dummies.”

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3 Responses to Life for Dummies

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  2. Control is the Great Illusion. I suspect everyone thinks they have it … until life hits them over the head, takes them off at the knees, and crushes them with a truck.

  3. Sanchit Jain says:

    You are meant to be passive observer of the life events. In each event, there is great learning. We should live the present moment to the fullest. If its a moment of joy, our heart should be filled with happiness and we should be feeling like dancing. If a sad moment comes, we might even cry, if we feel like it. Great Post!!

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