I just proved Stephen Harper wrong!

Every_vote_counts“Nobody votes strategically, you and I both know that,” he said. “People vote for what they think is best for them.”

This is what Stephen Harper had to say about strategic voting. Guess what Mr. Harper, I just proved you wrong! I voted strategically in my riding and voted against you and your party! And I am not the only one! It was so good to see fellow citizens scores of them, on a comment thread telling Harper they just had!

A country isn’t just a piece of land, it isn’t just borders, it is a living breathing collective of human consciousness. Here are a few of the things that makes Canada number one in my books.

A welcoming people: One truly appreciates Canadians when crossing over from the American border into Canada. It is a breath of fresh air. Knowledgeable, helpful and kind Canadians make me proud.

Fair: I have had business dealings around the world and again it makes me proud to say that Canadians tend to be fair in their dealings. There are bad apples everywhere, but Canadians seem to bring their A game as far as ethics are concerned.

A melting pot: A country that embraces newcomers, and invites them to bring their cultural heritage with them. People don’t look at another person in a funny way if they look different. This social experiment video in Hamilton went viral and shows what Canadians are truly like. Stephen Harper is like this guy who is selling fear on the streets, it is time for voters to punch him out!

We want our Canada back Stephen Harper!

Let me know what you think after you’ve seen this video. Do you want Harper out?

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