The Hunt for Tarantino

originalQuentin is in trouble for a stand he recently took and some remarks he made.

According to a news report on MSNBC, Tarantino made a comment during a seven hour long rally in New York. This particular comment is being burned like the witches of Salem by the police unions.

“I am a human being with a conscience, and when I see murder I cannot stand by and I have to call the murdered the murdered and the murderers the murderers.”

The police is calling for the boycott of Tarantino’s movies after branding him a “cop hater” and are threatening to “hurt” him financially between now and the release of his upcoming movie.

There are so many things wrong with this picture! Tarantino is a celebrity, but then he is a citizen of the USA as well. He has as much right as any other citizen to go out and voice his opinion and join a protest.

Isn’t it murder when an unarmed man is shot and killed? And isn’t it all the more shocking when those charged with protecting the innocent, the general population abuse their power to kill?

It is fair to be outraged at this, but every side has a story. Sure, there are some bad cops, but mostly there are good cops, cops who stick their necks out every time they put on their uniform and go out on duty.

But Tarantino isn’t the only human being. Cops are human beings too…they have families and they want to go back to those families after their shift. So when they are out, on a suspicious call and the protagonist doesn’t comply with what they are asking him to do, isn’t it only human for the cop to be the first one to use force?

Let’s pause and think about America for a second. This is a place where mentally deranged people are able to go out and freely buy a gun, not only that, they can build veritable arsenals. So every person a cop is engaging has the potential to kill that cop.

If I am a cop, faced with such a situation, I am sure I would try to use force before my adversary does. This is just common sense, even a reflex, this is why the police in the USA have gotten so militarized, because they have to contend with an armed and dangerous population.

The Americans are vociferous in protecting an archaic second amendment right, which was writ into law in the 1700’s in which time the evolution of weapons into automatics with the capacity kill tens and hundreds of people with a single gun was unfathomable.

The real issue is not being discussed as both sides in this ongoing debate fail to realize that neither is really at fault. At fault is this old fashioned law which has brought the American populace to a crossroads. Brought them to a place where they might be looking down the barrel of a civil war sparked by race relations which is based on perceived brutality by law enforcement agencies. Not to say that real brutality against a visible minority doesn’t actually happen.

It is time for Americans to really ask themselves, is this tattered old law worth protecting by sending their country into a spiral from which it will be unable to recover?

So to the police unions, stop blaming people like Tarantino and start talking about getting weapons away from citizens. If you want to be able to do your duty with fewer to zero casualties, your citizens should not be allowed to carry dangerous weapons.

And to people like Tarantino, organize and protest the real problem, the illogical second amendment law that allows ordinary citizens to carry deadly weapons. It will be a tough nut to crack, but if you start chipping away at it now, you might be able to blow this conversation open in a few years.

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