Americans get ready to go bankrupt en masse.

rtx1gzcoAmerican middle class has been decimated. A few months ago President Trump upon assuming office proposed a 45% tax on Chinese goods which was approved by the republican house. Since then prices for almost anything one wants to buy at a retail store has doubled.

Tom works in construction and his wife Becky is a nurse. Together they bring in about $75,000 per year. They lived a decent life before President Trump rode his high horse into the White House.

Now they can’t even afford to buy basic necessities to survive. “I used to pay $20 for a shirt at Wal-Mart, now I am in luck if I can buy something for less than $50. My pay hasn’t increased, but my costs to buy everything from a pencil to a refrigerator have almost doubled? Where am I going to get the money from?” she complains.

John loves his gadgets, used to upgrade his phone every year, now he hasn’t bought a new phone in over two years. Why? Because a basic smartphone now costs over $1500. Businesses are feeling the pinch as costs of computers, telephone systems, stationary, pretty much everything they need to work has gone up over a 100%.

This is just the state of the middle class, those who didn’t have much when Donald took office now have nothing. The above average income earners are now the new middle class. Their high income and lower tax rate leaves more money in their pocket, but buying expensive goods reduces the amount they have left in their pockets.

Trump’s wealthy friends are laughing their way to the bank. The increase in prices of almost anything found in a store doesn’t dent their lifestyle at all as they are making astronomical sums of money since Trump reduced taxes.

The biggest gainer in all of this is The Donald himself. His businesses are thriving. Running for this election boosted his brand value and anything with his name on it is now virtually gold! Suck it people, Donald’s made a killing and in the process has killed the American dream forever!

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