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Americans get ready to go bankrupt en masse.

Fast forward to the future, Trump has been President for 2 years and he has taxed all imports from overseas at 45%… Continue reading

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The Hunt for Tarantino

Tarantino’s protest irks the police unions. Both sides seem to be missing the point, and America is in denial about the real problem! Continue reading

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Texting or using your phone at the movies? Die you fiend…

Another gun related tragedy in America. This has become the norm rather than an exception these days. As moviegoers in a Florida movie theatre watched the previews, a man sitting behind a rude texter argued with his nemesis. He then … Continue reading

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Syria – Here we go again….

The leaders of the world are up in arms as they allege that chemical weapons have been used by the Syrian regime against its citizens. They claim hundreds have been affected. The Syrian regime however claims that their opponents are … Continue reading

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