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Apple vs Uncle Sam

An storm is brewing and we can’t just stand by and watch as this storm targets our freedom, liberty and security…what is your view on Apple vs Uncle Sam? Continue reading

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Joining Nexus

It isn’t a stretch for me to say I travel a significant bit more than your average recreational traveler. Work demands that I crisscross the skies across North America enough times to earn elite status in a frequent flyer program. … Continue reading

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Americans released by Iran, would an America under Trump allow them to come back?

The hypocrisy of the Repeblcan candidates, specially Donald Trump is apparent for all to see, and people with even a reasonable amount of intelligence can see through their war mongering, pro rich policies. Another example of hypocrisy from the Republican politicians. Continue reading

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Thoughts inspired by American Sniper.

I spent a Saturday evening watching the American Sniper. Media reports had created a buzz that reached my ears and I had to watch the movie. I enjoy watching movies, reviewing them on a sister blog I write. This movie however is … Continue reading

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Ebola – Pandora’s box is open – What next?

I can’t pinpoint it, is it arrogance, is it ignorance or is it sheer stupidity. The response of powerful countries such as USA, Canada, UK, France, Germany has been so cavalier to this new threat. Various people in the government, … Continue reading

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Diplomatic Affairs – The Devyani Kohbragade case.

There are always multiple points of view for any disagreement. This particular story as it unfolds threatens to snowball those differences into a permanent freeze in relations between India and America. Devyani Khobragade, an Indian Diplomat posted as Vice Consul … Continue reading

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